MPLS VPN design - RR in forwarding path?

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Fri Jan 2 01:57:41 UTC 2015

Running various functions on a couple small VM clusters makes a lot of sense. 

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You don't need LDP on RR as long as clients support "not on lsp" flag (different implementation have different names for it) 
There are more and more reasons to run RR on a non router HW, there are many reasons to still run commercial code base, mostly feature set and resilience. 


> On Jan 1, 2015, at 2:11 PM, Nick Hilliard <nick at> wrote: 
>> On 01/01/2015 21:37, Baldur Norddahl wrote: 
>> Are anyone using Bird, Quagga etc. for this? 
> there are patches for both code-bases and some preliminary support for 
> vpnv4 in quagga, but other than that neither currently supports either ldp 
> or the vpnv4/vpnv6 address families in the main-line code. 
> Nick 

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