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Josh Reynolds josh at
Tue Dec 29 09:08:30 UTC 2015

It wasn't about trolling, it was about legitimate prior art and reasonably
so. Also, there's potentially a confusing association between the two.

I'm glad the terminology was removed.
On Dec 28, 2015 2:31 PM, "Laszlo Hanyecz" <laszlo at> wrote:

> Mike,
> Csaba's front page previously described the software as being a
> 'routerOS', like in the very first sentence on the page.  I'm assuming that
> the person who complained about that didn't read past the first sentence
> and just wanted to troll.  It's obvious to me that decades of work have
> gone into this free router software, and the term router OS was just being
> used to describe what the software does - an OS for a router.
> It looks to me like the author has a deep understanding of networking to
> be able to implement all this from scratch and I think we can learn a lot
> from reading this code.  He's also giving it away for free, which is hard
> to argue with.
> -Laszlo
> On 2015-12-28 18:28, Mike - st257 wrote:
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>>> RouterOS is an existing product by MikroTik.
>>> Mate Csaba's message had nothing to do with MikroTik RouterOS (from
>> Latvia,
>> which doesn't include IS-IS support). And Mikrotik RouterOS isn't free.
>> ;-)
>> Why was this response about RouterOS?  (Am I missing something?)
>> The posted presentations/slides touch upon the feature set of FreeRtr
>> (which is similiar to MT RouterOS, but which many production-ready Network
>> OSes have).
>> And CLI output examples:
>> On Dec 24, 2015 9:46 PM, "mate csaba" <matecs at> wrote:
>>> hi,
>>>> pleased to announce a stable release of freerouter.
>>> Neat.
>> this is a routing daemon that does packet handling itself
>>>> so it can do bridging, routing ipv4/ipv6 unicast/multicast,
>>>> mpls, vpls, evpn, mpls te, mldp, segment routing, and so on...
>>>> speaks a lot of routing protocols like rip, ospf, isis, eigrp, bgp,
>>>> babel...
>>>> does a lot of tunneling like gre, ipip, ipsec, l2tp, geneve, vxlan,
>>>> nvgre...
>>>> have a lot of built in servers like dns, http(s), smtp, pop3, telnet,
>>>> tacacs, radius, ssh...
>>>> it can start external images which could be connected, so various lab
>>>> topolgies can be easily created.
>>>> our nren uses if as primary fullbgp rr for more than a year for about
>>>> hundred routers.
>>>> here is the homepage:
>>>> feel free to try it out and send suggestions/bug reports...:)
>>>> thanks in advance,
>>>> csaba mate
>>>> niif/hungarnet

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