Broadband Router Comparisons

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On Sun 2015-Dec-27 20:58:18 -0600, Josh Reynolds <josh at> wrote:

>And now that the new bill has passed, they (along with many others) will be
>"mishandling" your data often and legally with 3 letter agencies and other
>corporations. :(
>On Dec 27, 2015 8:48 PM, "James Downs" <egon at> wrote:
>> > On Dec 27, 2015, at 09:43, Hugo Slabbert <hugo at> wrote:
>> > Hence:
>> The device looks cool, and sounds cool, but what data does google end up
>> with, and what remote management can they do? Their policy pages aren’t
>> exactly clear, and they’ve mishandled personal data a number of times
>> previously.

Probably wise to be keep the tinfoil hat within arm's reach, I think.  My 
ref was strictly "yep, they appear to be making a play at the home 
controller market via a broadband router trojan horse" and not in any way 
an endorsement or comment on the merits of the device.


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