Broadband Router Comparisons

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Mon Dec 28 00:54:46 UTC 2015

On 12/26/2015 23:49, Mike wrote:
> On 12/23/2015 06:49 PM, Lorell Hathcock wrote:
>> All:
>> Not all consumer grade customer premises equipment is created
>> equally.  But end customers sure think it is.  I have retirement aged
>> customers buying the crappiest routers and then blaming my cable
>> network for all their connection woes.  The real problem is that there
>> were plenty of problems on the cable network to deal with, so it was
>> impossible to tell between a problem that a customer was having with
>> their CPE versus a real problem in my network.

OK, I have resisted, but now I must ask.....

I am coming up on 77 YOA, been un-employed for a long time, have a tiny 
toy network that supports a couple of lap-tops, a couple of desk-tops, a 
couple of net-work-connected printers, and a melange of 
visitor-transported "personal devices" NOS--the latter group, the two 
lap-tops, one of the printers, and one of the desk-tops supported by 3 
wiffy radios (one radio is a port of the "routher").

My network sees the the world via a cable-company provided MODEM (which 
also supports the telephone service in the house) and a WRT54GL 
"router", which I guess is what y'all are talking about (although it 
looks to me more like a 6-port bridge that can do NAT).

I've had one "router" fail and replaced it.  I have myriad network 
failures that go away if I wait long enough (I have called in a few 
times, mostly to confirm that the cable has gone dark and they know it, 
a couple to have them tell me to reboot everything I rebooted before I 
called them.  In some of those incidents the "trouble came clear while 
testing", the rest "came clear while waiting for the repair man to get 

Just what is it that I should be doing better?  And where is this better 
equipment available?


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