de-peering for security sake

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On Fri 2015-Dec-25 08:55:24 +0530, Suresh Ramasubramanian <ops.lists at> wrote:

>Hmm, has anyone at all kept count of the number of times such a discussion has started up in just the last year...

Not on an ongoing basis, but I was curious as well, so a quick mailbox 
search for 2015:
subject: Facebook outage?
author: Colin Johnston <colinj at>
subject: AOL Postmaster
author: Colin Johnston <colinj at>
subject: Getting hit hard by CHINANET
author: Colin Johnston <colinj at>
subject: BGP offloading (fixing legacy router BGP scalability issues)
author: Colin Johnston <colinj at>
subject: 20-30Gbps UDP 1720 traffic appearing to originate from CN in last 
24 hours
author: Colin Johnston <colinj at>
subject: de-peering for security sake
author: Colin Johnston <colinj at>

I tried to be pretty wide in the search and filter through a decent chunk 
of false positives manually, though of course I could have missed some.  It 
does skip a few of the "all of their traffic is crap and abuse reports are 
ignored" messages that don't *explicitly* call for wholesale country-level 
blocks or de-peering.

>...and how many more times in the past 16 or so years?

I was curious, but not masochistic ;)


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>Mind you, back in say 2004, this discussion would have run to 50 or 60 emails at a bare minimum, in no time at all.
>On 25-Dec-2015, at 6:55 AM, Stephen Satchell <list at> wrote:
>>> On 12/24/2015 04:50 PM, Daniel Corbe wrote:
>>> Let’s just cut off the entirety of the third world instead of having
>>> a tangible mitigation plan in place.
>> While you thing you are making a snarky response, it would be handy for end users to be able to turn on and off access to other countries retail.
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