de-peering for security sake

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Fri Dec 25 14:18:36 UTC 2015

To the thread, not necessarily Daniel, if blocking countries\continents is a bad thing (not saying I disagree), how do you deal with the flood of trash? Just take it on the chin? 

The degree of splash damage by blocking this way will vary based upon what kind of network you are. Residential eyeballs? You could probably block most of a lot of things and people wouldn't notice or care, as long as it wasn't Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc. 

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> Daniel Corbe wrote: 
>> Let’s just cut off the entirety of the third world instead of having 
>> a tangible mitigation plan in place. 
> You mean, cut off Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland and Israel? 
> What an enormously silly idea. 
> Seasons greetings to all, 
> Nick 

It was a stupid idea even before you corrected me. 

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