Broadband Router Comparisons

Keith Medcalf kmedcalf at
Thu Dec 24 16:58:49 UTC 2015

> to take you seriously. Also who here can honestly say you never pretended
> to power cycle your Windows 95 when asked by the support bot on the phone,
> while actually running Linux, because that is the only way to get passed
> on to second tier support?

I can honestly say that I have told support droids that I am rebooting "Windows" while actually running zOS.  Support droids have a definite problem with comprehending "No Transport" ...

I have even called to report a border router down on their network.  They complain and want to plug, unplug and reboot.  It isn't until 20 minutes later when the call volume exceeds the "geez there must be something wrong with our network" limit that someone actually bother to look and see where the problem is really located.

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