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Thu Dec 24 05:54:34 UTC 2015 has quite a few models of routers tested, which is decent. I've bugged them about ipv6 testing before but not too much progress there. Powerconsumption is not listed either, which can be as expensive as the router itself at 21 cents per kWh.


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Not all consumer grade customer premises equipment is created equally.  But end customers sure think it is.  I have retirement aged customers buying the crappiest routers and then blaming my cable network for all their connection woes.  The real problem is that there were plenty of problems on the cable network to deal with, so it was impossible to tell between a problem that a customer was having with their CPE versus a real problem in my network.

Much of that has been cleared up on my side now, but customers were used to blaming us for everything so that they don't even consider that their equipment could be to blame.

I want to be able to point out a third party list of all (most) broadband routers that rates them by performance.  Or that rates them by crappiness that I can send them to so they can look up their own router and determine if other users have had problems with that router and what can be done to fix it.

So far my search has been in vain.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Lorell Hathcock

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