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> All:
> Not all consumer grade customer premises equipment is created equally.
> But end customers sure think it is.  I have retirement aged customers
> buying the crappiest routers and then blaming my cable network for all
> their connection woes.  The real problem is that there were plenty of
> problems on the cable network to deal with, so it was impossible to tell
> between a problem that a customer was having with their CPE versus a real
> problem in my network.
> Much of that has been cleared up on my side now, but customers were used
> to blaming us for everything so that they don't even consider that their
> equipment could be to blame.
> I want to be able to point out a third party list of all (most) broadband
> routers that rates them by performance.  Or that rates them by crappiness
> that I can send them to so they can look up their own router and determine
> if other users have had problems with that router and what can be done to
> fix it.
> So far my search has been in vain.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks in advance.
> Lorell Hathcock
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