How to update IPv6 geolocation data? Google sites blocked.

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Tue Dec 22 22:12:25 UTC 2015

On Tue, 22 Dec 2015, David Sotnick wrote:

> Hello, and Season's Greetings!
> We recently lit up a new IPv6-connected location and expanded our
> ARIN-allocated /48 network to a /44 network to accommodate the additional
> location (and future locations).
> However, since moving our small satellite office off our primary /48 and
> onto their own /48 as part of our /44 network, the users at that office are
> receiving messages from e.g. YouTube that the "user has not made this
> content available in your country".
> How does one go about updating this v6 geolocation data? This is impacting
> a bunch of our users.

Using a smart phone on the wifi at that office (obviously, the WIFI 
network has to be providing IPv6, or bridged to a network providing IPv6), 
go to in a web browser (not the google app), and click near the 
bottom of the page "Use precise location".  AFAIK, that provides to GOOG 
your GPS coordinates.  It still might take a week for them to update 

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