interconnection costs

William Waites wwaites at
Tue Dec 22 19:00:54 UTC 2015

there is also the increasingly common pattern of "remote peering"
where you lease a circuit to an exchange point but do not establish a
presence in the facility. this can either be done with the last leg on
a dedicated cross-connect (so it looks to the exchange operator just
like any other connection except that it is to an intermediary and not
to you) or multiplexed on a single connection to the exchange operated
by a carrier that specialises in facilitating remote peering.

to the extent that this practice dramatically decouples the peering
graph from the underlying infrastructure graph it is debatable if this
is a wise or efficient strategy. on the other hand it significantly
widens the operational scope of bgp configuration knobs.

but the point is, you can do peering without a physical presence in a
location, and it is a common thing to do.


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