IPv4 shutdown in mobile

Ca By cb.list6 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 12:45:01 UTC 2015

TL;DR version: the data shows you are negligent if your eyeball content
(cdn, cloud, ...) does  not support native ipv6.

With the NAT and IPv4 leasing threads lingering on, i figured it was time
for an update on how the other half live

More than 1/3 of North America mobile traffic to the top websites is end to
end ipv6

The trend is clearly growing, and as AT&T and Sprint catch up with T-Mobile
and Verizon, the acceleration to 50% should be easily achieved.
Furthermore, only one mobile carrier has iPhone dual-stacked today (afaik),
but Apple has a plan for banning ipv4-only apps and has delivered the
required features for having ipv6-only iphones in 2016 with these iOS 9.2


On some mobile providers, ipv6 is already dominant and ipv4 is waning. Once
iPhones updates to ipv6-only as described above, ipv4 will only be a corner
case of operations.  This comes with added benefit that ipv6 is faster :


At least in mobile, the change to ipv6 has been quick and the pace is
increasing -- not just on ipv6 deployment but also on ipv4 shutdown. I know
many people liken ipv6 to "the boy who cried wolf", so be it, the
data shows the ipv6 wolf is here.  Or perhapsin hind   sight, we will see
the right metaphor was "the tortoise and the hare" or "the little engine
that could"... Or even better IPv4 is John Henry.  It was the best in its
time, but times have changed.


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