[NANOG] IPv4 subnets for lease?

Fredrik Widell fredrik at resilans.se
Tue Dec 22 09:59:49 UTC 2015

On Fri, 18 Dec 2015, Nick Ellermann wrote:


We lease /24's or more to customers since many years, but as someone later in the thread commented,
spammers will use this opportunity if they can, so we limit our customers to 
Sweden nowadays, and always check their earlier reputation before leasing space.
If you have Swedish customers you are welcome to send in an application.

( http://webb.resilans.se/registry/order-eng.html )

> We have customers asking to lease IP space for BGP transit with us and other peers. But they are struggling to get at a minimum even a Class C, even though they have their own ASN. We don't have large amounts of free IPv4 space to lease out to a single customer in most cases anymore. Hope to at least introduce these customers to some contacts that may be able to help.
> Do we know of any reputable sources that are leasing or selling IPv4 subnets as small as a /24 to satisfy their diversity needs? Thanks!
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