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Mon Dec 21 19:12:42 UTC 2015

We already have CPE vendors shipping with "guest" ssids.  These
require a seperate /64 and are usually treated as external to the
home network.  With IPv4 you grab a seperate chunck of rfc1918 space
and nat that as well as the main chuck of space.  For IPv6 you need
multiple /64s from the ISP.  A single /64 is not enough.  This is
all done with a point and click interface.

If you are a ISP that supplies a single /64 then you really should
stop showing your lack of clue to all and sundry by supplying
multiple /64s.

If you are a ISP that doesn't supply IPv6 at all then you really
are not doing your job as a ISP.


In message <4102D692-A315-4C38-A2CB-54F96999E251 at>, Alan Buxey write
> I'm surprised that noone of the home wifi router folk haven't cornered the ma
> rket on that one in terms of client separation.  Most people don't need the d
> evices to talk to each other so by default all ports on different VLANs .. 19
> 2.168.0-8.x etc
> Internet of things security out of the box. Web interface to change port memb
> ership for those that DO need inter device access
> Or maybe there are such defaults out there from some suppliers i'm not famili
> ar with? :)
> alan
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