John Levine johnl at
Mon Dec 21 17:12:57 UTC 2015

In article <4102D692-A315-4C38-A2CB-54F96999E251 at> you write:
>I'm surprised that noone of the home wifi router folk haven't cornered the market on that
>one in terms of client separation.  Most people don't need the devices to talk to each
>other so by default all ports on different VLANs .. 192.168.0-8.x etc

Some of the cheap Linksys routers I've seen appear to be able to put different
addresses and different VLANs on the different ethernet ports.  I don't think
it could do multiple VLANs on the same port, and even if it could, you'd have
to be impressively obsessive to configure all the MAC addresses by hand.

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