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>Depends on how many devices you have on it.  Once you start filling your
home with Internet of Unpatchable Security Holes devices, having everything
on a single ethernet >segment might start to get a little...  noisy.

>Thankfully, IPv6 has well-defined multicast scopes, which makes it
trivially easy to do cross-L2-segment service discovery without needing to
resort to manually berking around >with firewall rules.

>- Matt

If your home is full of unpatched or compromised hosts, and they're using
these well-defined multicast scopes, doesn't that mean they can now
communicate and infect one another?  For years I've seen people on this list
insist on "NAT/PAT != firewall".   Well, a router routing everything it sees
is even less of a firewall.  I'm really not trying to be argumentative here,
but I'm just having a hard time believing Joe Sixpack will be applying
business networking principals such as micro-segmenting to a home network
with 3 to 7 devices on it.  If anything, these complexities we keep
adding/debating such as DHCP vs RA, prefix delegation, etc are only slowing
down the general deployment of IPv6.


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