Matt Palmer mpalmer at
Mon Dec 21 03:28:33 UTC 2015

On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 09:23:04PM -0500, Chuck Church wrote:
> 	I agree that a /48 or /56 being reserved for business
> customers/sites is reasonable.  But for residential use, I'm having a hard
> time believing multi-subnet home networks are even remotely common outside
> of networking folk such as the NANOG members.  A lot of recent IPv4 devices
> such as smart TVs have the ability to auto-discover things they can talk to
> on the network.  If we start segmenting our home networks to keep toasters
> from talking to thermostats, doesn't this end up meaning your average home
> user will need to be proficient in writing FW rules?  Bridging an entire
> house network isn't that bad.

Depends on how many devices you have on it.  Once you start filling your
home with Internet of Unpatchable Security Holes devices, having everything
on a single ethernet segment might start to get a little...  noisy.

Thankfully, IPv6 has well-defined multicast scopes, which makes it trivially
easy to do cross-L2-segment service discovery without needing to resort to
manually berking around with firewall rules.

- Matt

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