reliably detecting the presence of a bridge?

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Sat Dec 19 23:15:46 UTC 2015

On 12/19/2015 16:53, James R Cutler wrote:


>> But I still have one question (which might be based on errors)--
>> I think I have used WiFi terminals ("air ports", "WiFi routers"
>> [spit]) that offer a "bridge" mode, apparently to build a dedicated
>> radio link between two such terminals.
>> Are they operating as a Radia Perlman "bridge", or is this yet
>> another example if the Wiffy World high-jacking words and terms
>> that used to have actual meanings?
> Bridge Mode (ATT Passthrough) simply means that the router between
> the WAN connection and the LAN/WiFi ports is turned off and all ports
> share the same switch (so packets just “pass through”. Thus all ports
> appear connected to a common switch.  Call that what you will, there
> is no spanning tree here even though we all love Radia.

I have three radios in my little toy network (two because the original 
installation was in a big house that had annoying dead spots with only 
one, one because I had to replace the router and the router replacement 
included a radio).

I just looked at one (I'm pretty sure the others are similar of the 
same) that has a pick fir "AP Mode" which offers "Access Point (default) 
which is what I run, "AP Client", "Wireless Repeater" and "Wireless Bridge".

I just realized that I don't know (or don't remember--I am old) what the 
documentation says (see--I am so old I think there IS documentation and 
that it WILL explain stuff.)

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> Nobody.


sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal)

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