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>Why? Why do WE "need" to force people to bend to our will? The market
>will get us all there eventually.

Some companies will run out of IPv4 addresses before others. When that
happens, they have four choices:

1. Buy IPv4 addresses. But supply is going; in a couple of years, there
will be nothing larger than a /16. And this raises costs, and therefore
consumer prices.
2. Address sharing. Breaks p2p, some other things.
3. Address family translation. Breaks several things.
4. IPv6-only. Means only IPv6-enabled content is available.

That¹s why some values of $we ³need² to force people to deploy IPv6: so
$we don¹t screw consumers and break the Internet.

But those with IPv4 addresses see exhaustion as someone else¹s problem.
They don¹t care if somebody else¹s prices go up, unless they¹re the ones
blamed for the rising prices. (³You have to pay more for Internet access
or you won¹t be able to reach Amazon or eBay.²)
They might not like the performance of address sharing/translation, but if
they wait until they notice the pain, and it takes them two years to
respond, they¹re already in serious trouble.

There is still time for companies without IPv6 to get it deployed before
going out of business. But anyone who isn¹t done two years from now is in


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