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> >I'm still waiting for the IETF to come around to allowing feature
> >parity between IPv4 and IPv6 when it comes to DHCP.
> And that recent thread on prefix delegation doesn't really leave a good
> taste in one's mouth about how to delegate a /56 or a /48 to a CPE, and
> get that/those prefix(s) in your (ISP) routing tables.  Given that
> 99.999% of home users would be fine with a delegation of a single /64 and
> a single subnet I'm tempted to do that for now and let the DHCP-PD ink
> dry for a while so CPE support can follow up.

I have a single CPE router and 3 /64's in use.  One for each of the
wireless SSID's and one for the wired network.  This is the default
for homenet devices.  A single /64 means you have to bridge all the

A single /64 has never been enough and it is time to grind that
myth into the ground.  ISP's that say a single /64 is enough are


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