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Wed Dec 16 23:49:06 UTC 2015

hi folkx

On 12/17/15 at 10:28am, Mark Andrews wrote:
> We need to make IPv4 painful to use.

already is too crowded

> Adding  delay between SYN and SYN/ACK would be one way to achieve this.

<flame suiton>
change tcp windoow size to 1 byte per packet or decrease from 1500 byte
packets, more traffic they use, slower it becomes 

instead of zero byte as used in tarpits

>  Start at 100ms..200ms and increase it by 100ms each year.

some of verizon's shared IPv4 traffic has delays exceeding 3sec 
and i seen it exceeding 6sec for simple things like using gmail
thru their network

"delays" are built in automatically ...
- too much spam ..
- too much useless video downloads
- too much useless steaming
- too much useless pix
- too much games 

and alll that junk will increase as more people use it

it'd be nice to put these "services" on their own private LAN
and slow just themself down instead of slowing everybody down

pay more $$$ to get better/faster connectivity ...

</flame suiton>
ducking for cover

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