Binge On! - And So This is Net Neutrality?

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For starters much of the internet infrastructure is built on govt
mandated/protected monopolies or very small N oligopolies so is
already subject to significant regulation.

You can start up a business carrying packages for people for a fee, no
harder than any other business.

Try spinning up a cable TV or landline or long-distance line business.

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 > > > is that still net neutrality?
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 > > who cares? mobile was excepted from the NN rulings.
 > Any why the desire for extra regulation for Internet services?
 > Shippers (you know, actual Common Carriers) do things like this all the
 > time, especially when they are busy (congested).  I had a package ship
 > Tuesday; it sat at the receiving location for 24 hours before the first
 > move, then it reached my city early this morning, but since I didn't pay
 > extra for timed delivery (and the shipper doesn't have special
 > arrangements), it didn't go on a truck today.  I should get it tomorrow.
 > I could have paid more to get it faster, and some large-scale shippers
 > have special arrangements that seem to get their packages priority.  How
 > is this different from Internet traffic?
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