Modem as a service?

Henry Yen henry at
Tue Dec 8 02:40:47 UTC 2015

On Mon, Dec 07, 2015 at 11:54:17AM -0600, Larry Sheldon wrote:
> I'll join the confusion--I thought the OP wanted to test for power 
> availability at the distant site by seeing if a modem there would answer 
> the phone there.  That it HAD to be a modem in that case makes no sense 
> to me.
> I'm of the line now and have been for a while and maybe y'all don't do 
> things the way we did--we always had an answering machine (two or three 
> in some places*) that always answered on the first ring and gave some 
> kind of status report that was updated hourly on on event).  If it did 
> not answer, the power was out.

At a client wiring closet, the super-conscientious rack maintainer one day
decided that it was good practice to replace consumer-standard batteries
during his quarterly cleaning rounds.

Answering machines have replaceable batteries. Modems do not.

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