IEEE OUI regauth (search ?) site

Royce Williams royce at
Wed Dec 9 15:44:05 UTC 2015

On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 6:32 AM, Brandon Applegate <brandon at> wrote:

> They’ve made some changes recently - I had a perl script that would do the
> lookup and scrape live - it was great.  It broke a week or so ago.
> This seems to be the page to search for OUI:
> <
> I’ve tried 4 Browsers across 2 OS’s - and that page pops up a “Loading”
> sub window - flashes and reloads (loop).
> Anyone have any insight on how one can look up an OUI (yes I know about
> oui.txt, but I’m asking about a live query site).
> Thanks in advance.

I know that you've asked about using it live, but IMO, you should

Given the latency between the creation of a new OUI and it showing up in a
given environment, live scraping is significant overkill.  Platforms like
Forescout pull it about once a quarter, IIRC.

Pulling the text file is also probably significantly more reliable than any
given web interface, as you've already discovered.

And if you cache the whole text file locally, there's no way that anyone
external to your organization -- even IEEE -- can tell which OUIs you are
looking up.


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