IPv6 Cogent vs Hurricane Electric

Constantine A. Murenin mureninc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 04:58:56 UTC 2015

On 6 December 2015 at 18:24, Max Tulyev <maxtul at netassist.ua> wrote:
> On 04.12.15 01:19, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
>> On 1 December 2015 at 20:23, Max Tulyev <maxtul at netassist.ua> wrote:
>>> I have to change at least one of my uplinks because of it, which one is
>>> better to drop, HE or Cogent?
>> Question: Why would you have to drop one of them? You have no problem if
>> you have both.
> Because of money, isn't it? I don't want to pay twice!
>> Even in the case of a link failure to one of them, you will likely not see
>> a big impact since everyone else also keeps multiple transits. You will
>> only have trouble with people that are single homed Cogent or HE, in which
>> case it is more them having a problem than you.
> As I fully implement IPv6 on my net, I got a HUGE impact already. That's
> the problem.
> So as this is not a bug, but a long time story - I relized for me as a
> cutomer connectivity from both Hurricane Electric and Cogent is a crap.
> So people should avoid both, and buy for example from Level3 and NTT,
> which do not have such problem and do not sell me partial connectivity
> without any warning before signing the contract.

I agree with your conclusion, however, your premise is not correct —
technically, HE is /not/ requiring you to purchase IPv6 from them; in
fact, they're rather openly giving away IPv6, including IPv6 transit,
away for free.

My understanding is that this includes both the tunnels (including
BGP) and the on-premise connectivity options.

So, feel free to ask for your money back from HE, and try that with Cogent, too!


> I'm just a IP transit customer, and I don't give a something for that
> wars who is the real Tier1. I just want a working service for my money
> instead of answering a hundreds calls from my subscribers!

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