Devices with only USB console port - Need a Console Server Solution

Jeremy Bresley brez at
Mon Dec 7 22:45:55 UTC 2015

Looks like what you want is the A920-CONS-KIT-S part.  Description on it 
is "ASR 920 Serial Console Cabling Kit"  This is a $0 item when ordered 
with the ASR920s.  The other option is the A900-CONS-KIT-U which is the 
USB-USB console kit.

Shows the adapter which I'm assuming is what's included in the kit, they 
mention needing the RJ-45 to DB9 cable (normal Cisco console cable) in 
addition to this ASR9XX specific adapter.  Should be able to plug your 
normal terminal server cables into the adapter cable listed above.

Hope this is helpful.

Jeremy "TheBrez" Bresley
brez at

On 12/7/2015 4:15 PM, Erik Sundberg wrote:
> We have one of these nice new and fancy Cisco ASR920-24SZ, just realized it doesn't have an RJ45 Console port only USB. When we deploy devices at our pop we wire the console port to a terminal\console server, well that doesn't work for a usb console device.
> So what is everyone doing for out of band management via the console when it's a usb only device?
> Is there something I am missing?
> Is there a console server for USB?
> Does cisco make an USB to RJ45 Jack adapter?
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