Questions regarding equipment for a large LAN event

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Mon Dec 7 06:59:21 UTC 2015

On 7/Dec/15 08:41, Laurent Dumont wrote:

> We were looking at either the Nexus 7004 chassis or the ASR 9004/9006
> chassis for this year event. We would then use 48xGigE and 1x24 SFP+
> line cards. Our actual port requirements and somewhat flexible but we
> do need at least 4x10G Fiber ports. And at least 48 GigE ports for
> players or access switches.

If you're going to order new platforms from Cisco for your event, you
should check out the new 6800 switches.

The Nexus should do the job as well.

The ASR9000 are more routers than switches, although they will do the
job also. If you have some routing requirements, they are not a bad choice.

For the access side, you certainly want to continue with the 3650/3850


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