Modem as a service?

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Nah, it wasn't you!  :)

The solution I think we're going to go with is leveraging our existing SIP infrastructure and write scripts to dial out to the OOB Modem / Fax machines at the sites that are disconnected from the network.  If they both don’t answer, we'll assume a power outage.  If one or the other does answer, it'll queue up for human interaction.

I wrote a script in Perl in about 15 minutes to do this.  God, I'm not sure if I'm stuck thinking inside or outside the box anymore!

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On Sun, 2015-12-06 at 16:36 -0500, James R Cutler wrote:
> > On Dec 6, 2015, at 2:19 PM, James Laszko <jamesl at> wrote:
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> > ... we don’t need to actually connect to the OOB modem on the other 
> > side, we just need a NO ANSWER/ANSWER kind of response. …
> Forget modems - to probe via some kind of analog connection, just get 
> a single instrument wireless telephone with answering capability.  For 
> a bonus, put some kind of identifier in the answering message:  No 
> power > no answer; power > answer.

I must be thick - how does that solve the problem? The OP wants to know if a modem at a remote site will answer the phone. Maybe I misunderstood the problem.

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