Modem as a service?

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It looks like WarVOX has been rolled into Metasploit….  I guess using SIP trunking could accomplish the same thing – we don’t need to actually connect to the OOB modem on the other side, we just need a NO ANSWER/ANSWER kind of response.  I will investigate SIP software to accomplish this, unless someone has quick pointers?  ☺

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Have you looked into scheduled scans with WarVOX?
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We are looking to automate testing of OOB modem connections when our NMS detects a site connection failure.  Rather than have a live body call a modem number (or even a fax) to see if it answers (to determine if there is a potential site power issue), we'd like to be able to utilize some "Modem as a service" to automate this.  I've exhausted my Google skills trying to see if anything like this exists.  Anyone have any experience?

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