Netflow parameters and data that comes from CDNs

Danijel Starman theghost101 at
Fri Dec 4 09:03:54 UTC 2015


> And in fictitious case of hiring Akamai, would the Akamai
> server(s)  have a dedicated IP for jf_music in each city (or re-use same
> IP via anycast)  or would the CDN servers use the same IP address to
> deliver multiple services from totally different content providers ?

Generally the CDN provider would have a cluster of machines/IP's on each of
their locations that are reused by different customers and are probably
divided by service/content. They would probably be stable but can vary due
to service improvements or disruptions. As it was noted Akamai is putting
servers into the ISP's, I don't think that others like L3 or Limelight do
it (or seen evidence that they do).

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