Ransom DDoS attack - need help!

halp us throwaway1958251 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 08:15:04 UTC 2015


I've been a NANOG member for many years but I'm emailing from an anonymous
account to reduce the chance of the attackers finding me.

A company that shall remain anonymous has received a ransom DDoS note from
a very well known group that has been in the news lately. Recently they've
threatened to carry out a major DDoS attack if they are not paid by a
deadline which is approaching. They've performed an attack of a smaller
magnitude to prove that they're serious.

Based on certain details that I can't reveal here, we believe the magnitude
of the upcoming attack may be in the several hundred Gbps.

I would really appreciate help in a few areas (primarily with certain
provider contacts/intros) so we can execute our strategy (which I can't
reveal here for obvious reasons). If you email me off-list with a
name/email that you've previously used on-list, I will reply from my real

Alternatively, if you can post your experiences on-list with large scale
high profile ransom DDoS attacks, I'd really appreciate it!


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