OT: BdNOG announces website blocks

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Tue Dec 1 18:36:28 UTC 2015

--- nanog at nanog.org wrote:
From: ABDUL AWAL via NANOG <nanog at nanog.org>


Hahaha, gov't official - meet reality.

"State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana 
Halim says proxy servers being used..."

""I think Facebook can't be closed unless the internet 
is shut down. We don't want to do that. We won't shut 
down the internet," said Tarana Halim."

"We are only catching only those that need to be caught, 
not everyone."

"I ask you (journalists) to find out whether it's possible 
or not. I hope you will find the answer. Closing down 
Facebook 100 percent is not possible in any country in the 

Or any other app a gov't wants to keep from its citizenry
so their communications with others can be controlled.

"Those who are using them are using a bandwidth with 
a specific capacity. They won't be able to do that 
much longer. Because this bandwidth's capacity is low."

"The second bandwidth's speed is far lower than normal. 
Saboteurs can't communicate and organise attacks fast 
enough using that bandwidth. It's very easy to track 
(anyone's internet activity) if the speed is low.""

wtf does that even mean?


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