ADSL Line Extenders

Scott Helms khelms at
Wed Apr 29 12:09:31 UTC 2015

They're certainly real, still in use, and deployed world wide but most
commonly in rural areas.  They aren't particularly cost effective for most
scenarios, but cheaper than hanging even a mini-DSLAM to service 1-2
customers that are too far away from a cabinet.  Installing them is a pain
and keeping them running long term is an even bigger pain.  Certain models
don't work well with specific DSLAMs and/or in specific plant combinations
so testing with your DSLAMs, modems, and in your plant is a must.

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On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 5:24 PM, Jean-Francois Mezei <
jfmezei_nanog at> wrote:

> A friend on a rural DSl association asked about ADSL line extenders.
> A search on Google yields many products dating back to the days of
> ADSL-1 advertising 1mbps profiles, but a few seem more recent and
> support ADSL2+ (not sure if any support VDSL2).
> Are these thing out of date and no longer deployed ? Were they ever
> effective, or just vapourware that didn't really improve things ?
> Do any Telcos still deploy them ?  Anyone know of deployments in Canada ?
> I just need a reality check on those devices.
> jf

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