IPTV providers in IN/Chicago

Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
Tue Apr 28 12:07:59 UTC 2015

I suspect it's more of a choice of what's available than what he wants. If you're building from the ground-up, you can be picky, but if you're going light-weight (as little head-end as possible), you're stuck with whatever (good or bad) your wholesale partner uses. 

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> Anyone know of an IPTV provider/wholesaler who I could meet in 
> Indianapolis (Henry St/Lifeline) or Chicago (Cermak/Equinix)? 

"IPTV" implies, or used to imply, multicast (or unicast, whichever, 
swap them with a few DCMs) MPEG2-TS feeds. If that's what you want, 
fine, but if it's not you might want to be a bit more specific. 


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