vendor spam OTD

Rob Seastrom rs at
Tue Apr 28 03:30:28 UTC 2015

Suresh Ramasubramanian <ops.lists at> writes:

> Given weâ(TM)re going down this âoewhat is spamâY\.. rathole again, spam is
> generally defined as unsolicited BULK email

Correct, and moreover it's generally conceded that having a perl
script insert "Dear Robert" at the beginning of the email message is
insufficient for it to not be "bulk", particularly if it's general and
has nothing to do with any kind of specialized knowledge of your
company beyond the fact that you have an email address.  This sure
looks like bulk mail merge to me.

> As the email appears to be one to one,

Have you gotten a copy too, or are you just idly speculating here?

> though a remarkably persistent one to one, I would suggest procmail,
> unless you know heâ(TM)s harvested nanog and is sending the same
> offer mail merged to a bunch of operators.

Gee, it's almost as if by posing a question to [email protected] like "Has anyone
else received spam from X", I might be trying to ascertain an answer
to precisely that question.


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