Euro-IX quagga stable download and implementation

Andy Davidson andy at
Sat Apr 25 19:34:17 UTC 2015

On 25 Apr 2015, at 15:16, Goran Slavić <gslavic at> wrote:

> 	Considering what I have learned in your posts (and on other places
> that I have informed myself) I will definitely suggest to SOX management to
> go the way similar to what LINX did (1 Bird + 1 Quagga as route servers) for
> the simple reason that 2 different solution provides more security in
> context of "new program update->new bugs" problems and incidents and
> prevents other potential problems.

Goran - glad to have helped.

One last piece of advice which might be useful - to help to guarantee consistency of performance between the two route-servers, you should consider a configuration generator so that your route-server configs are in sync.  The best way to implement this at your exchange is to use IXP Manager, maintained by the awesome folks at the Irish exchange point, INEX.

IXP Manager will get you lots of other features as well as good route-server hygiene.

There’s also a historic perl-script that does this on my personal github.  Both of these solutions allow you to filter route-server participants based on IRR data, which has proved to be a life-saver at all of the exchanges I help to operate.  Having my horrible historic thing is maybe better than no thing at all, but I deliberately won’t link to it as you should really use IXP Manager. :-)


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