dns on fios/frontier

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Mon Apr 20 18:48:49 UTC 2015

On 20/04/2015 19:42, Randy Bush wrote:
> [ excuse abnormal cluelessness even for me.  overwhelmed by mucous and
>   it is the middle of the night here ]
>>> anyone on fios/frontier can please run a quickie and see if you can get
>>> to http://psg.com/?  have a net friend who can not from multiple hosts
>>> on their home lan and he has rebooted router.  called support and they
>>> showed their sunday best "the web site is down."  sigh.
>> https://atlas.ripe.net/probes/13318/
> two things.  
> so how did you find it?

erm, google:


> i was wondering if i could find a useful atlas
> probe or nlring node, and how to find them.

you can specify an asn within the ripe atlas ui.

> secondly, i gotta snark that the ui maximizes the eurocracy to do a
> seemingly simple
>     dig @probe psg.com. a
> and
>     ping psg.com
> and it does not even serve coffee during the hour the dig and ping are
> "running."  (quaint use of the gerund).

<shrug>  talk to the atlas people about this.  It's a tool written for high
flexibility, but probably compressing this into a simple UI is difficult.
The JSON interface is good though.


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