Historical records of POCs

Hank Nussbacher hank at efes.iucc.ac.il
Mon Apr 20 05:02:13 UTC 2015

At 17:22 18/04/2015 +0000, Colin Bodor wrote:
>Maybe https://arin.net/resources/whowas/index.html would work?

As per a question I asked 2 years ago  and the response I received from 
ARIN - "I have confirmed that Whowas reports only go back to conversion in 
2002 (when Org IDs were created and associated with IP resources)."


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> > Is there an archive of POCs for some of the early netblocks (1985 or 
> so)B‚vR&RG'­­ærFòf­wW&R÷WB6öÖR6÷'÷&@e history.
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