rack cable length

Rafael Possamai rafael at gav.ufsc.br
Fri Apr 17 19:00:17 UTC 2015

Hi Shawn,

If you don't leave slack, you can't really pull the server out of the RU
for maintenance (hot swaps, etc). Your best choice is to purchase cable
management trays if that makes sense (Dell servers usually come with
those).  Otherwise you just need to deal with the loops and whatnot the
best way you can. If your colo hardware is really random (dells, HPs,
supermicros) then it gets worse, but if your hardware is homogeneous then
you can come up with some way of attaching brackets to the side of the rack
that could help you avoid a rats nest in the back of your rack (granted you
can't find cable management trays or they are too expensive to justify the

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 1:44 PM, shawn wilson <ag4ve.us at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is probably a stupid question, but....
> We've got a few racks in a colo. The racks don't have any decent cable
> management (square metal holes to attach velcro to). We either order
> cable too long and end up with lots of loops which get in the way (no
> place to loop lots of excess really) or too short to run along the
> side (which is worse). It appears others using the same racks have
> figured this out, but...
> Do y'all just order 10 of each size per rack in every color you need
> or is there a better way to figure this out? I'm guessing something
> like 24 inches + 1.75 inchex x Us) + 24 inches and round up to
> standard length...?

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