reclaiming arin IP allocations?

Rob Seastrom rs at
Wed Apr 15 17:03:40 UTC 2015

Rob Seastrom <rs at> writes:

> goemon at writes:
>> "Note ARIN has attempted to validate the data for this POC, but has received no response from the POC since 2013-11-06"
>> So if the owner does not care to respond to ARIN, what now?
> POC validation has an extraordinarily low success rate (under 50% if
> memory serves).  Since this is a direct allocation and the space has
> not been "revoked" (pulled for cause, e.g. non-payment), I can only
> assume that the billing POC over snail mail is continuing to work as
> anticipated.
> -r

Ahhhh, irony.  :-)

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