Galaxy S6 is IPv6 on all US National Mobile carriers

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The earlier generation of ONT has 100MB Ethernet and MOCA. If you upgrade to Quantum and order speeds > 100MB you'll need an ONT with gig-E and switch from MOCA to wired Ethernet. The MOCA standard specifies up to 175MB, but I don't think MOCA vendors have made any adapters > 100MB.

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I don't believe Quantum has any changes relative to the external of the house.  Fios has been capable of pushing those speeds with the "old" modem for years.  The difference between the old modem and the new one is that the wireless is 802.11n whereas the old one was only capable of g.

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On Apr 13, 2015, at 11:20 PM, Joe Klein <jsklein at<mailto:jsklein at>> wrote:

Was in a meeting over 4 years ago, where the people from Verizon were
claiming they would be rolling out IPv6 for FIOS in the following years.
Still waiting.

Can anyone confirm or deny that Verizon FIOS requires an upgrade to the ONT
and router for its "FiOS Quantum" service in order to get IPv6?

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Reddit started using CloudFlare late last year, so they should able to
serve content up over v6.


Sorry to rain on your parade:

dhcp-7f000001:~ jared% host -t aaaa<>.<> has no AAAA record

"should be able to serve" != "are serving".

- Matt

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