macomnet weird dns record

Colin Johnston colinj at
Tue Apr 14 14:58:33 UTC 2015

There becomes a point though that doing nothing allows larger problems which could have been nipped in the bud if sorted when issue was a smaller magnitude.
Profit when there is known bad traffic as a percentage and you known ignore it is bad profit and does not help the greater good.

most folks would welcome help if they know network would be more reliable and faster without the bad traffic always being present.


> On 14 Apr 2015, at 15:47, Nikolay Shopik <shopik at> wrote:
> Transit traffic isn't issue, as upload/download ratio usually 1:2 or more.
> As I said before when you already on edge of your profits, you don't
> bother fixing these clients. Its not about best practice which I agree,
> but business you are running, which is suppose to be profitable. And
> fixing these bad machines doesn't give you any profits.
> On 14/04/15 17:37, Colin Johnston wrote:
>> costs more money in long term not fixing the bad traffic as have to spend more for transit
>> doing the bother and fixing the problem is best practice
>> Colin

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