Cisco Routers Vulnerability

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Tue Apr 14 13:11:43 UTC 2015


    Its not like peoples are still using telnet/ssh/web with a
password/enable on the net... anymore.

    We do PCI and it took the better part of 6 month for a Customer
Network Engineer to get it right.
    ( The annoying part is that we cannot do the work for them, we can
only hope they get a paper cut every time we sent out a report about
that security risk )

    But I'm still curious what was the attack vector...

    As for my ~20ish Cisco device in the wild, they're all pretty healthy.

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On 04/13/15 17:51, Steve Mikulasik wrote:
> They may want to check if some network engineer got fired recently. Usually these sorts of things relate to a human problem rather than a technical attack. 
> Stephen Mikulasik
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> Hi
> Today we have a lot of customers report that their Cisco routers got a root access and the IOS got erased , is there any known vulnerability in cisco products thats they report in their Security alerts about this recently  ?
>  is there any one face the same issue ?
> Regards

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