Cisco Routers Vulnerability

Rashed Alwarrag rali.ahmed at
Mon Apr 13 21:59:33 UTC 2015

Still I don't have full information from them as it has been reported by
different customers and all almost in the same time , I am trying to get
some information about , I was just checking if there is known
vulnerability has been announced recently regarding this

Thanks you guys

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Nick Hilliard <nick at> wrote:

> On 13/04/2015 23:48, Rashed Alwarrag wrote:
> > It's reported by different customers in different locations so I don't
> > think it's password compromised
> Have you checked?  If the routers had vty access open (ssh or telnet) and
> the passwords were easy to guess, then it's more likely that this was a
> password compromise.  You can test this out by getting a copy of one of the
> configs and decrypting the access password.  Or by asking your customers
> whether their passwords were dictionary or simple words.
> It's possible that there was a remotely accessible vulnerability, but ios
> isn't known for this.
> Nick


*Rashed Alwarrag *

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