Galaxy S6 is IPv6 on all US National Mobile carriers

Ca By cb.list6 at
Mon Apr 13 21:20:13 UTC 2015

Good news (that i have not personally verified)  !

Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T all launched the Samsung Galaxy S6 with
IPv6 on by default.

Given the growth and importance of mobile to Internet, it is great to see
this progress from the mobile carriers.

Just for those keeping score, of the top 10 Alexa website for the USA,
these major websites prefer IPv6 or prefer NAT44 / NAT64 from the mobile

1.  Google -- prefers IPv6
2.  Facebook -- prefers  IPv6
3.  Youtube -- prefers  IPv6
4.  Amazon -- prefers NAT -- :(
5.  Yahoo!  -- prefers IPv6
6.  Wikipedia -- prefers IPv6
7.  Twitter -- prefers NAT -- :(
8.  Ebay -- prefers NAT -- :(
9.  Linkedin -- prefers IPv6
10.  Reddit -- prefers NAT -- :(

Dear Amazon, Twitter, Ebay, and Reddit -- please consider this your
personal invitation to introduce IPv6 to your service.

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