Multi-gigabit edge devices as CPE

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Sun Apr 12 14:52:22 UTC 2015

On 9/Apr/15 01:26, Hamish McGlinn wrote:
> As Tim said above, I too was thinking about the Juniper ACX. The 5048/5096
> model could suit your needs. They are primarily designed as layer 1(TDM)/2
> backhaul devices and i'm not sure they can do a full table. They do have
> full JunOS MPLS features. Could be a way to use MPLS-TE to move the layer 2
> back to a core location and terminate later 3 there. Would give you some
> flexibility over just doing ethernet stuff as I mentioned in the first
> paragraph.

The ACX5000 series are Ethernet-only switches.

They hold about 120,000 entries in FIB, and as of today despite all the
RAM, are only sold with support for 300,000 entries in RIB.

The chipset is not Juniper in-house, though; so make sure all your
features work.


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