Cisco/Level3 takedown

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Thu Apr 9 20:55:04 UTC 2015

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From: Sameer Khosla <skhosla at>

Was just reading 
then checking my routing tables.

Looks like the two /23's they mention are now being 
advertised as /24's, and I'm also not sure why cisco 
published the ssh attack dictionary.

The authors lost some of their credibility when they 
wrote "Since then two class C networks have been..."  
At least they used slash notation for the rest of the 

If cisco won't stop using this terminology how will
we get others to stop?  Should I point them to
where they can see when a Class C (when it was a
valid term) is all addresses that start with 110
in their leading bits and are in this range: - The addresses mentioned 
are from the historical Class A range even!

Grrrr, a pet peeve of mine.  Someone here says
Class C and I ask them how a Class C is defined
and then launch into the whole story.  The short
of it is they never use that phrase around me 
again.  >;-)

Last "Gone are the days when detectors and protectors 
can sit on the Internet’s sidelines when a group is 
brazenly attacking a wide range of systems around the 
world. [...] Cisco and Level 3 Communications agreed 
that it was time to step in and make it stop. "

Declaration of war?  I'm getting my popcorn ready.


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