Multi-gigabit edge devices as CPE [TOPIC DRIFT!]

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Thu Apr 9 18:50:50 UTC 2015

You can do this for free with equal cost multi path routing. You announce
the same IP from multiple servers with eg. OSPF.
Den 09/04/2015 19.34 skrev "Barry Shein" <bzs at>:

> On April 9, 2015 at 09:11 raphael.timothy at (Tim Raphael) wrote:
>  > VyOS is a community fork of Vyatta and is still being developed very
> actively and it pushing ahead with many new features! It's pretty stable
> too imo.
>  >
>  >
> SPEAKING of OSS routers...
> Does anyone know of a single OSS project which supports the usual BGP
> etc kind of things (routing) AND virtual hosting, the terminology is
> muddled, but one IP in, chooses among one or more IPs for
> load-balancing (not to be confused with device load-balancing),
> fail-over, round-robin, other policies? The typical web farm kind of
> thing, but for other kinds of services also like mail, imap, etc.
> I know one can piece together more than one project but then one has
> to get them to play together and learn their quirks and so forth. For
> example I don't think any Mikrotik (ok not strictly OSS but they seem
> nice) supports the virtual host stuff unless I'm missing it.
> I have some very old Alteons that do the virtual host stuff well
> enough but they are very long in the tooth (no IPv6, BGP is so old
> it's useless to the point of scary, etc.)
> P.S. No particular need for fancy WAN interfaces, ethernet
> presentations are fine.
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