Multi-gigabit edge devices as CPE

Daniel Rohan drohan at
Wed Apr 8 22:46:40 UTC 2015

I work at a state REN and we are seeking a lead for a new edge device for
on prem deployment at customer sites.

We currently deploy two classes of routers-- a high end and a low end. Both
the high end and the low end use some of the standard edge features:
MPLS-TE, MBGP, flowspec, vrf, PIM, etc. We deliver full tables over these
devices to the customers that need them.

We recently finished a new ethernet procurement and have a large number of
sites (~200) moving from <1Gbps in bandwidth to 1-10Gb in bandwidth. Our
currently deployed low-end router can't handle these speeds and we can't
afford to place our high end router at 200+ sites.

So, we're looking for a middle tier router to deploy. Something with 2+
SFP+ ports, software that can handle the aforementioned features, and
something with an API that we can leverage for programmatic management.

So far we've not found anything that checks all the boxes. Layer 3 switches
seem like obvious choices, but lack some of the features and RIB/FIB we
need at the edge. Other devices like the Juniper MX5/10 certainly meet the
requirements, but are priced way beyond what we can afford.

Any suggestions for devices we might have overlooked? Preferably in the
less than 10K per unit price point. If such a magical device exists.


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