Fixing Google geolocation screwups

Josh Reynolds josh at
Tue Apr 7 23:29:55 UTC 2015

maxmind is the company that does it for

So if you've ever wondered why your IP blocks still show up as coming 
from your upstream and not you, well, that's why.


On 04/07/2015 03:17 PM, Blair Trosper wrote:
> No, Google has their own internal system.  Doubt MaxMind will help out.
> This discussions and others like it may lead you in the right direction:
> On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 6:10 PM, Aaron C. de Bruyn <aaron at>
> wrote:
>> You might try here:
>> -A
>> On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 3:42 PM, Fred Hollis <fred at> wrote:
>>> Thanks for sending this to the list: We have the very same issue as well
>>> (both IPv4+IPv6). If someone knows the magic button to solve this, please
>>> contact me as well.
>>> On 08.04.2015 at 00:26 John Levine wrote:
>>>> A friend of mine lives in Alabama and has business service from at&t.
>>>> But Google thinks he's in France.  We've checked for various
>>>> possibilities of VPNs and proxies and such, and it's pretty clear that
>>>> the Goog's geolocation for addresses around is screwed
>>>> up.  Bing and other services correctly find him in Alabama.
>>>> Poking around I see lots of advice about how to use Google's
>>>> geolocation data, but nothing on how to update it.  Anyone
>>>> know the secret?  TIA
>>>> Regards,
>>>> John Levine, johnl at, Primary Perpetrator of "The Internet for
>>>> Dummies",
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